My Newest Book on Amazon

This book is titled, "Promise of the Father: Healing The Christian Legacy of Segregation and Denominationalism" and is the first in a series on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I began writing this book more than a decade ago when I was a MDiv student at Oral Robert's University. This first book looks at the historical development of the Pentecostal theology of Spirit Baptism and the many different views that exist in the church today. The book jacket description is as follows.
Ambiguous and man-centered teaching regarding Baptism in the Holy Spirit have over the past hundred years served to feed the problems we face and have lent to the decay of Christ's Body. This book takes a critical look at the history of denominationalism, separates the fact from the fiction, and paves the way to healing the legacy of division in the church.

I am also really pleased at how my cover art looks on the finished book.

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