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My 4th book is now out. This book titled, "Have You Not Yet Received the Spirit?: Finding Unity Through Baptism in the Holy Spirit" is the second in a series related to the Holy Spirit. The first one "Promise of the Father" was a look at the early history of Pentecostalism in America an how it shaped the theology of Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This newest book is over 200 pages and takes a fresh look at what the Bible teaches on the Holy Spirit.

From the book cover:
Faith in Jesus must produce a natural love and generosity toward others and a desire for unity within the one Body of Christ. Sadly, this is not the condition of our Church today. There is much debate regarding the topic of Baptism in the Holy Spirit and it is unfortunate that people on all sides quickly dismiss others as evil or apostate. My hope is that this book will take this debate out of the hands of those who would divide the Church and place it back within the context of the whole Body of Christ. Read and discover the power of the Spirit and the bond of peace only He can provide.

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